Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Youth Group Fun

I found a cool activity for youth group on Pinterest the other day.  Isn't Pinterest great?!   I love it.  Anyway, the activity is gather up all kinds of candy/treats....I got a bunch of Valentine candy....some heavy duty plastic packaging wrap (not Saran), packaging tape, bubble wrap, and a jingle bell toy.   First, you take the jingle bell toy, and wrap it up with bubble wrap creating a ball.   The jingle bell makes the ball sound cool while your working with it.  (I just wrapped up some jingle bells and they don't jingle so well anymore so I would get a ball with a jingle bell inside it).  Next, place a piece of candy on the bubble wrap and secure it with the packaging plastic wrap.  Don't cut the plastic, just keep wrapping and adding candy.  Periodically, secure the wrap with packaging tape.  Not because it needs it but you want to make it harder to unwrap.  I wrapped the ball several times before adding the next piece of candy.  Eventually, you will end up with a large, basketball size of candy.  

Now here is the game.  Have the kids sit in a circle.  Give one person the ball, and the person next to them a pair of dice.  When you say "go" the person with the ball tries to tear through the plastic to reach the candy, at the same time, the person with the dice is rolling the dice as fast as they can trying to get a pair of numbers (2's or 6' get the idea).  As soon as the dice roller gets a pair the ball ripper has to pass the ball to the next person and the dice roller passes the dice to the next person and so on.  The ball ripper gets to keep whatever candy they unearthed.  To make the activity even more challenging you can have the ball ripper wear gloves.  It sounds like fun...we will find out tonight if it really is.

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