Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bonnie added some beauty to the property while Todd and the boys began work on the wood shed.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Ready for forms

With temps near 100 Todd worked hard all day to get the foundation ready for forms. Crews are supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Almost Ready

Todd has been digging out our foundation for almost a week!  His goal today is to have it all level and completed.  Crews are supposed to show up on Saturday to set the forms for the foundation.  It is really happening!  Of course, we are still waiting on our loan to be finalized but all we need there is for the review board to sign it, then we sign it and we are off!  

Our big hurdle last week was to prove to the bank that we were not in a flood zone even though FEMA said we were.  Fortunately our appraiser acknowledged that we were not in the flood zone and the bank accepted his word which is good because it was going to cost us $1200 to prove otherwise.  

We are all getting anxious.  A big part of me wants to start looking at tile and cabinets and counter tops, but I am going to be patient and wait for our contractor to tell me when to look.  In the mean time, I am keeping busy getting ready for next school year.  So much for a summer break.  I picked up my curriculum earlier this week and have begun making lesson plans, schedules, syllabuses, and power points.  I will be teaching 5/6 science, 7/8 science, Biology, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.  I also got my class list.  Right now my largest class has 6 students and my smallest class has 4 students.  Each class is 40 minutes.  Crazy as it might sound, I am very excited.  I already know half of the students and most of the teachers.  This feels so right.  The peace that I feel is overwhelming.  It just makes for one very hectic, busy summer.  

Monday, June 22, 2015


How does one describe what it is like taking care of someone with Alzheimer's?   Today is my day to take care of my father in law.  I never know what to expect but one thing I know is that if I shower him with love, smile, gently hold his hand, and rub his back we get along fine.  But if you try to force him to do anything get ready for a fight.  So I don't argue, or force I just go with whatever he says even though nothing makes sense.  

Today he is being a bit ornery since he has decided not to eat.  I fixed his lunch up when he gave me the littlest hint that he might eat, but after two bites he got up and has been wondering around the kitchen ever since....sigh....

Friday, June 19, 2015


I finally have some time to write. Most likely I will be concluding this blog at the end of this year.  I just can't find the time to do it anymore.   To give you an update....this week Bonnie and I have been at Washington state university for orientation.  Today is the last day. In just a couple of hours she will register for classes and will be all set to attend this fall.  August will be insane as we strive to drive to Tennessee and back before dropping Bonnie off for school.

In other news. .. we are still looking at building our house. Yesterday we finally got our building permit and septic permit. Now all we need is our loan.  The bank said our home is in a flood zone and therefore need flood insurance. However we are not and are trying to prove otherwise without spending lots of money and fighting FEMA.   The bank appraiser has appraised the home for more than we are borrowing and has confirmed that we are not in a flood zone. Hopefully that is good enough for the bank and the loan will go through today or Monday.
Tomorrow a group of friends from over the mountains are coming over to help us get the land ready to build on.  They told me not to worry about preparing for their arrival which is good since I haven't been home for a few days and won't be home til late to night.
In all the stress of managing the church,  preparing for Bonnie to go to school, vacation and prepping to go back in the classroom is weighing heavily on Todd and I. I see no rest this summer. I see no rest this year.  Trying to keep my focus on  God and lean on Him for His strength because I need it.