Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Back to Normalcy

We are finally back to a "normal" schedule around here.  Today, Bryce and I headed off to co-op.  He is resuming his English Literature class and starting two new classes, Civics and Wilderness.  I am anxious to hear how his new classes go.  I feel like Bryce and I are testing the waters.  Slowly, we are seeing how he performs in classes and judging what the future holds for him academically.  Bryce is my "challenge" child.  Bonnie was my ambitious go getter, Brian was my multi-talented, "I-can-do-whatever-you-give-me" kid, but Bryce, well, Bryce is still a mystery.  He does things differently.  He is not as detailed.  Although I was comfortable for the other two to go to the public high school, I don't have peace about that for Bryce. I do have peace about him going to the Christian school in town if we choose not to home-school.  It is smaller, and he will have more one on one interactions with the teachers.  Also, the students will not be so rude or mean as they are at the high school.  However, there is a cost.  A cost we can't afford unless I get a second job.  Oh....another positive for the Christian school is that Bryce's best friend attends there.  So here we are back to our normal schedules, but always looking towards the future praying for God's direction in our lives.

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