Wednesday, January 14, 2015


It's co-op day.   I have been in a few co-ops during my homeschooling career and this is by far the most organized.  Everyone and I mean everyone plays a role.  My job duties this quarter are hall monitor, teacher assistant, and room tear down.  Last quarter they had me supervise the study hall for an hour.  Best study hall I ever sat in.  The students were quiet and studying, not one peep from anyone.  I got a lot of reading done in there.  Hall monitor is even more uneventful.  Everyone here is on their best behavior, knows where they are to be, what they are to do, and no one tries to "buck" the system.  I wish I had joined up earlier, but unlike my other co-ops where there wasn't a charge this one does require a participation fee and a teacher fee, which is manageable for one but not affordable for three.  In reality, Bonnie and Brian have done fine without being in an organized classroom, but of my three Bryce (and I) need this the most.  I anxious to hear how today goes for Bryce.  

Happy Schooling Everyone!

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