Friday, January 30, 2015


Well, it actually is Friday now!  The real Friday, the one with Saturday following close behind.  Not only that, but the Friday that precedes the weekend that includes the Super Bowl and then the start of our our mini-vacation.  THAT FRIDAY!!!   Once Bryce finishes up his Pre-Algebra our mini break begins.

Mini-vacation you say?!  Yep....we have not taken a real break for over a year.  Our weekends are filled with church doings, hospital visits, sermon prepping, car fixing, but no break and we, actually, my husband, needs ....I mean...he really needs a break!  So, we are taking off....running away....turning off the phones and disappearing for a few days. All of us except Bonnie.  She can't afford to miss any class time so she will stay here.

I feel awkward doing this during the school week, but experience has told us that it won't really hurt Brian's grades.  In fact, he has already completed all of his geometry assignments that his teacher gave him.  Everything else will be made up at school.  Bryce and I worked hard the past two days getting all of his co-op assignments completed so that he doesn't have to do anything over our mini-vaca but have fun.  And we intend to have lots of fun and relaxation.

So....let the break begin...hurry up, Bryce, and get your work done!

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