Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back Home

Well we made it back home after our whirlwind trip to Tennessee.  Our original plans had us scheduled to arrive sometime today.  It is probably best that we left early.  The transition from traveling out east and back to traveling out to Pullman is less stressful this way, although we still have a lot to do. 
Yesterday we celebrated Bonnie's 18th birthday by taking her out to eat.  Earlier she had informed me that her friends celebrated their 18th birthdays by sky diving or going on a cruise.  I don't know who these friends are but I gently informed her that none of those things were going to happen. Heck, I would love to go on a cruise myself, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.  
Today we return the rental van and do all of our last minute shopping.  Bonnie would like to get a coffee pot, some food, and odds and ends to make life tolerable in the dorm...yes, dorm.  The school is refusing to allow Bonnie to live off campus.  They stated that since she got her AA through Running Start it doesn't count as having a Junior status and since she is eligible for student loans she can't claim a financial hardship.  As infuriated as I am we have no choice but to move her into a dorm.  On the bright side, she was able to secure a single room in a women's dorm so we feel much better.
I admit that sending our daughter off to school is going to be hard.  Is she ready yet?  Is she strong enough spiritually, mentally, emotionally?  Time will tell.  Yet, most of us did a lot of growing up when we left the nest and tested our wings.  It is just hard to push our chicks out of the nest,

Friday, August 7, 2015

Last Piece of the Puzzle

We finally got everything settled for Bonnie's housing at WSU.  Sadly, the school is refusing to let Bonnie to live off campus at the Rock.  For some reason, because she received her AA through Running Start they won't give her junior status.  They still view her as a freshman and must live on campus.  So, the other day Bonnie sat down and applied for a dorm room.  Today we learned that she will be living in Regents Hall which is a women's dorm.  She also got a single room which she is excited about.  Although living in the dorm will but a strain on her finances she has a place to live and we know where we are going next Saturday.  Next Saturday?!  Wow...the time is going so fast!

Prep Day

Not much going on except the usual, normal Tennesssee activities, I.e. shopping.  There are so many stores here within a few minutes drive that we always try to check them out.  Mom found a store where we can get Birkenstocks for $30. That is a steal.  In case you don't know, Birks are $100 sandals.  I love them and was given a couple of pairs early this year, but checked out the store regardless.  Mom ended buying Bonnie and I both a pair of shoes.  We then hit Burlington Coat Factory where Bonnie stocked up on some school clothes.  I even got a few more blouses to wear.
Today has been prep day, as mom and I have been working in the kitchen all day to get ready for all of the family that is scheduled to arrive tomorrow from Indiana and Florida.  On top of cooking we have been cleaning the house and doing final preparations.  Shortly we have one more shopping trip to get plates, napkins, and cups, then we wait.  

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A nights rest makes all the difference

It is hard to believe that we have been here now for 24 hours.  Yesterday was hard because everyone was so tired.  The kids did better than Todd or I because they slept off and on the whole trip.  Have you ever been so tired you felt sick?  That was me.  I finally went to bed at eight and slept a solid ten hours.  It was wonderful.  Today us girls are going shopping!  Dad has taken Todd to meet Harold Coker's son, Corky to see if he can help Todd find a hood ornament for his 1955 GMC truck.  The Cockers are big in antique cars and known nationwide.  The boys are having fun playing on the Wii.  I guess playing it on a 54 inch tv is more fun than playing it at home.  

Monday, August 3, 2015

Road trip

We are on the road to Tennessee.  It is a 40 hour drive and we decided to do it without getting a hotel. We have been on the road for 25 hours so far.  According to Garmin we should arrive by 5:30am tomorrow.  To make the journey we rented a van.  It's a brand new Chrysler Town and Country with a built in dvd player, wireless headphones,  multiple usb jacks that has everyone plugged in. The boys even brought the Wii along.  Of course the kids have decided to fold up and stow away the middle seats and spend the trip laying on the floor. 
Breakfast at Wall Drug this morning.   A little break, ahem, in Murdo, South Dakota and now somewhere on Iowa.  Cant wait to get to TN.