Friday, January 9, 2015

Another Week Done

Our first school week after break has come to an end!  It wasn't that bad.  In fact, it was a great week for everyone.  Bonnie returned to the college for her second quarter.  She is taking Physics II, Personal Wellness (i.e. Health), American Sign Language, and CAD (Computer Animated Drawing) which is an Engineering course.  Her CAD course is probably the one that she is most intimidated by and yet, excited about.  Architecture is what she wants to major in so this will let her know if she has what it takes.  

Brian is finishing up his first semester at the high school.  Exams should be next week or the week after.  We looked up his grades the other night and he has A's and B's.

What I really want to tell you about is Bryce's new classes:  Civics and Wilderness.  For Civics his class is working their way through Ray Notgrass' Exploring Government and We Hold These Truths.
This week we have read about the 22nd and 27th Amendments and how they detail who steps in as President if our elected President dies, is incapacitated, or becomes unfit (insane).  We also learned about his salary, and the oath the office.  We also studied the factors behind declaring war, or deploying our military, etc.  I am pretty excited.  Every week Bryce has to write an essay based on the topic of study as well as answer his daily questions.  We are going to learn a lot.

The Wilderness class doesn't have a text or homework, which is nice.  It is a course taught by the Red Cross about survival in the Wilderness.  On Wednesday, the students learned what to do if they encountered someone who was injured in the woods...basic first responder protocol.  Next week, the teacher is bringing in mannequins for the students to practice CPR on.  I am really excited about this class.   

All in all, a good week, but I am ready for the weekend. last thought.  Like most people, at the first of the year, Todd and I decided to take control of our eating habits and we are eating according to Prism Phase One plan i.e. no breads, no pasta, no potatoes, no sugar, no "snacks".  Before Christmas I was 5 lbs.  above where I want to be on the scale.  During Christmas week I gained an additional 5 lbs.  As of today, Todd and I have stuck with the eating plan and I have lost 5 1/2 lbs.  Just 4 1/2 more to go!   I am pretty excited and feel empowered again when it comes to food.  

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