Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesdays Have Become Our Fridays

Tuesday is becoming our "D Day" around here as it is the day before co-op when we have to finalize all of our papers and make sure we are ready for class.  Bryce had two papers to complete, as well as finish up all of his questions and answer sheet and prep for his Civics quiz.  Bryce likes Wednesdays not only because he likes going to class, but I don't require him to do a whole work load.  I figure after attending his Literature, Civics and Wilderness classes he has completed enough.  Besides that, his Lit. teacher does have work scheduled for Wednesday so after lunch he completes his daily lesson to round out the day, but he doesn't have to do math or science. 

This past week was one of our first normal weeks in a while.  The last two weeks we have had several interruptions that made it hard to get everything done school wise.  I actually feel good about how our week is going so far.  We have hit all of the academic bases.  We have even added gym time back into our schedule.  We aren't going at five in the morning though.  I just can't get motivated to get out of bed right now, so we have decided that no matter what, we hit the gym at two in the afternoon and then finish up any schooling we still have after our gym time.  I am sooooo out of shape right now.  My legs feel like dead weights when I step on to the elliptical but when my time is up I feel good.  The big thing I notice is that I get a second wind for the rest of the day when before I was ready for a nap.

So, tomorrow we finish up our school week, and start a "new" week on Thursday.

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