Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State of the Union

For the first time ever, I actually sat and watched the State of the Union address.  I also made Bryce watch it with me since he is studying how our government works.  The big thing I wanted to accomplish was for him to train his ear to hear those "red flags", key phrases, and false information that may or may not be presented.  

It was interesting because we had just read an article earlier in the day about what the true role of our government is, and it is NOT to set up programs to meet everyone's special interest.  Our federal money is not to be used for every little program but it is to be used to protect us.  For so long our politicians and president strove to remind congress of that, but with the passing of the federal income tax and Roosevelt's New Deal we have lost sight of our governments role.   Today, government is stepping further and further into our private lives and taking over so many of our individual freedoms.  I cringed as I heard Communistic doctrine presented to the Congress and they stood and cheered.  I cringed as I heard how the government was stepping in to provide child care for our babies and preschooler praying that they don't try to mandate it for my grand babies.  I don't believe at all in the statics that were presented to support climate change, that our economy is doing better, etc.  I would like to ask of all the jobs that have been created how many our full time with benefits, as Obamacare has made it so that employers are offering more part time jobs instead of full.  

My heart is heavy.  I feel oppressed by my country.  As we venture to build a house this summer, there are so many regulations forced upon us and I am not talking about housing codes, but where and how we landscape our property.  There are so many people watching every minute thing you do and are quick to report every minor infraction whether or not you even know those regulations exist.  You think I am making this stuff up?  Someone reported that we were burning wood in our woodstove last winter during a "suggested no burn" time.  Mind you, if you don't watch the news or read the paper you would not even know about the no burn.  But here is the other point, it was a suggestion, not a requirement, and yet, we got a notice in the mail that we were harming the environment.  Or how about the woman who came on the property and ripped out my in -laws pump because she assumed it was harmful to the fish,  or the woman who reported on the major who was removing rocks that slid into the creek and thought he was disrupting the habitat of the fish....I could give you more....what does this have to do with our Presidents speech.   Our Presidents speech was full of more and more government involvement, more regulations, more infringements on my freedom.   



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