Thursday, June 23, 2011

Without too much fanfare, the kids and I got the church sanctuary ready for Vacation Bible Adventure (otherwise known as, VBS) today.  Our church is too small to put on VBA by ourselves, so we are blessed to have a sister church from Seattle who comes over every year and puts on VBA for us.  

I have been involved with VBA for years and wasn't too excited to sit back and let someone else do all the work, so I asked the children's pastor from Berean Bible Church if I could help out.  We agreed that I could decorate the main stage and that our youth could be responsible with games.

There was a lot of stuff I would have liked to do, but I have to be realistic.  First of all, we just don't have the budget nor all the resources that I had last year in North Carolina.  Secondly, I am still learning how things are done around here.  Slowly I am learning how things work and how I can fit in and help out.

I am looking forward to having the group from Berean here.  Half of the group will be sleeping next door to us and our good friend and her daughter will be staying with us.  There is going to be lots going on besides VBA -picnics, tubing, cookouts, etc.  It is going to be a fun filled week.  Best yet, the day after they leave my parents will be here from TN.  

The countdown to lots of fun is about to begin. last update on our vehicles (Yes, I said vehicles.)  Todd is almost done with the Blazer.  In fact, I expect him to be driving it home tomorrow.  Yeah! 
And the van...well, it died Wenatchee...AGAIN!!  Right now it is sitting at the parking lot for the Wenatchee National Forest Headquarters.  At least I got all of my shopping done before it died.  Todd's mom, came and picked us up and all of our Costco  goods.  I don't know what is wrong with it now.  All I know is I was going up a hill and it wouldn't get up to speed.  When I tried to go up a hill again, it totally lost power and I ended up putting the vehicle in reverse and coasted down to the forest service parking lot.  Thank goodness no one was on the road with us and I had a place to park it.  Will it ever end?

Heather Williams - Hallelujah - Lyrics

Life is feeling a bit overwhelming right now. This song came on the radio this morning and felt like it was just for me. This is my prayer for today and every day. Lord, I'm in need of your grace today.

Monday, June 20, 2011


 Flowers are a big part of Leavenworth.
Everywhere you go you see them.
Not only downtown hanging from the buildings and in the planters but in everyone's yards, too.

While walking to town the other day I thought I would take a few pictures of the flowers we encounter on our way.  These flowers are actually in our yard around our mailbox.
 Further down the street is this flower garden. 
I love all the colors, varieties, and sizes of flowers.
It is hard to capture all of the beauty that surrounds us, but this hopefully can give you a glimpse.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fun Things to do in Leavenworth

I love this town.

Every weekend something new and exciting is happening.

This weekend is the Accordion Festival.

 Accordion players from all over have met here for the weekend to play, have workshops, give lessons, and just be with one another.
 At noon everyone gathered at the gazebo for a concert.  What a thrill it was to walk into town and hear everyone singing "Eldeweiss".  There is always such as fun and lively spirit in town.  You can't help but smile and find yourself singing along.
 There were players of all ages.
 Then everyone was off to carry their music through the streets of Leavenworth with a parade.
How fun is that?! he does not have an accordion, but every good parade needs a tuba player.

Next weekend is the International Dance Festival.  We will certainly have to check that one out. 
Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 16, 2011



I am still faithfully going to the gym five days a week.  My workout partner and I have been doing the P90X program in the mornings.  For those mornings we are too sore or tired, we put in a half hour on the elliptical machine followed by the P90X Ab Ripper.  Regardless, I have yet to loose any weight.  OK...maybe a few ounces but no pounds.  To say I am discouraged is an understatement.  I am down right frustrated.  I would love to have lost one clothing size by now.  On one bright side, I can feel my muscles.  My biceps are getting quite defined and hard.  I can feel my abs and almost all of my muscle groups firming up.  I am trying to watch what I eat. But I need to take some drastic measures in that department.  My next goal is to journal what I eat and keep track of my calories, carbs, etc.  Maybe that will show where I am going wrong.

NC House
We have had two more showing on our house.  One showing was for an investor who was looking for a steal.  The second showing was for a mother and daughter.  They liked the house and are in the process of seeing if they can get financing.  

We also received word that a storm came through on Saturday and knocked off some siding.  A friend is coming out next week to fix it for us.  Hopefully that won't hurt us too much.

The neighbor boy is mowing our lawn for us which is a big help.  Mainly, I want it sold.  Please, Lord,  sell our house.


Todd is still working on our Blazer.  He has finally reached the point of putting things back together.  He is done with tearing out the new engine and tearing out our old engine.  "Cross your fingers"  He hopes to have it back together by this weekend.  When that happens it will be like having a whole new vehicle under the hood.  Hopefully that means it will last for another twenty years.

Summer Activities

With summer here we have been spending a lot of time at the pool.   I can't believe I am saying this but I am almost tired of going there. The kids aren't, so I guess I will endure the pool for them. : )  At least it gets us out of the house and gives us something to do.

Lastly, my new project

I could use some help on my newest project - the church website.  I have been given free reign to take over the website and get it back up to speed.  I am not at all sure of what I am doing, but I want to learn.  I might even take a class at the community college if I can fit it in.  Things I want to do with it are:  set up on-line registration for our Awana club and VBA programs;  set up links to all of our missionary websites;  keep current with prayer requests, Bible studies,  post minutes from our meetings for our members to assess.  

One of the things I am learning is that this area is not as internet savy as most of the U.S.  This is partly because, high speed internet has difficulty getting through the canyons and mountains around here. Enough people are internet users though. I think it is one of best tools to letting the public  know who we are.  I don't know about you, but I google everything.  It is the fastest way to research people, events, and organizations.  I want people to look at our church website and say, "Hey, I want to check this church out."

Well, that is what is going on here.  Time to get back in the garage and finish my VBS VBA backdrop.  I am almost done painting it  and pleased with it. Hopefully, Shoreline finds it acceptable.  Then house chores and pool time.  For dinner tonight, I figure we will head over to the farmer's market (it is next door to the pool) to get some fresh veggies for dinner.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Upper Valley Christian School Outdoor Ed

Back in May, Todd's school went over to the Olympic Pennisula for four days of outdoor education.

And They're Off!!

This past Sunday we commissioned Tim and Judy Heath to the mission field - Malaysia to be exact. 
Tim was the former pastor of our church, Cascade Mountain Bible Church.  He actually started this church back in the eighties and came back to pastor it a few years ago.  However, last year when he went to his first board meeting with Things To Come Missions he felt God calling him to be a missionary to Malaysia.  Shortly after, he asked Todd to come to Washington to pastor at CMBC.  For the past year, Tim and Judy have been traveling the United States telling people of his calling and raising financial support.

 CMBC Praise Team

 Bill Frey on his electric guitar playing "People Need the Lord."

It was quite an emotional morning. Judy was not able to sing due to all the emotions but read us the lyrics of her song.  I would love to get a copy of that song for us to learn and sing in church.
 Tim sharing his heart.
 Ben Anderson, president of Things To Come Missions, presented the challenge to accept the call to Malaysia which, of course, Tim and Judy accepted.
 The elder board of CMBC and Ben Anderson laid hands on Tim and Judy to commission them to the Lord and His work.
 After the service it was time to head downstairs to eat.  There was a ton of food to enjoy.  It was exciting to have all of Tim and Judy's friends and family here to celebrate with us.
 Even Marsha made it to the service.  What an amazing woman!! Despite all of her physical difficulties she never ceases to praise the Lord!
 Dirk at the grill.
Ben Anderson visiting with Chris and Brent Townley.

A couple of hours after the service, Tim and Judy left for Seattle.  Early the next morning they flew out of Seattle to begin their journey.  They were scheduled to arrive in Malaysia at 4am Wednesday  morning.


Todd decided we needed to get out and play!

Last Friday, we went down the road to the middle school to play kickball.  We managed to even get a few friends to join us.

We had a lot of fun.  The kids have asked when we can do it again.  I hope we can soon.  We have met another family just a few houses down that have two boys.  One is nine and the other is six.  Best of all, they homeschool.  Bryce wants to make sure they are invited to play next time we start a game.