Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blackout Night

It was Blackout Night in AWANA last night.  Bryce and I had a lot of fun getting ready for it.  Generally, Blackout Night is a night when most of the lights are off in the church and the kids get around by flashlight and such.  Over the past few years, I have tried to add more to it.  Generally, I get all of the clubbers glow in the dark necklaces and coordinate them to their color team.  I have had glow in the dark balls and batons to use during game time as well.  This year we added Black Lights to the mix.  Bryce and I took out all the light bulbs in the front lobby and replaced them with black lights.  We also  covered up all of the windows and doors making the room really cool.  Everything white or neon glowed and gave off a cool affect when the kids showed up to check in.  I also purchased a Party Light for the game room.  You know, one of those balls covered in different colors of light that rotates and puts colors of light all over the ceiling and wall.  The kids seemed to really like it.  We had fun too.  Our next theme night is Trauma Night.  The kids get to dress up like they have had some sort of know....head injury...broken arm or leg....crutches ....slings...bandages.....ok, you get the picture.  Can't wait!

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