Tuesday, January 13, 2015


We have finally reached the end of our school day.  Bryce is ending the day with his Pre-Algebra lesson.  Fortunately, he has a good grasp of what he is doing and doesn't need much help.  I wish I could say that about his other subjects earlier today.  The past two days actually have been very challenging.  While it seems most homeschool moms talk about the challenges and tears over teaching math, for us, the challenges and tears center around writing.  Bryce had two papers to write for co-op.  For literature, he needed to write a biography on C.S. Lewis.  We spent Friday and Monday, reading sources on Lewis, taking notes, and then writing his rough draft.  Today wasn't too hard as he went back over his rough draft and added "dress ups" as his teacher calls them to make his paper more enjoyable to read.  For Civics, Bryce had to write an essay on how our American Presidents embody American ideals and how they have failed them.  A good portion today was focused on how to respond to an essay question...ANY essay question.   It was not an easy lesson.  I am afraid I lost my cool a couple of times.  ....sigh...... Yet,  this is EXACTLY  why we joined this class.....why we are continuing with this co-op.  I am thrilled with the challenges, no matter how hard they are, and I have faith that by the end of this year we will see tremendous growth in Bryce as a student and me as a teacher.  

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