Thursday, September 6, 2012

Winding Down Week Two

We are winding down our second week of school.  I am trying hard not to get behind the ball.  My biggest challenge is still juggling school and church work.  My main objective is to stay on top of all the kids work by keeping it graded, recording it in our gradebook, and making sure I am quizzing the boys on their school work.  With Bryce's online school, I am having to stay on top of my role with his on line subjects.  I am not totally out of the picture.  Today I administered his Read & Think Skill sheet, then after spelling I had him spell the words to me.  I also check over his Language assignment and give him a grade for the days' work.  Bryce has to memorize a whole passage of scripture for Bible so I have made it a point of starting every school day with Brian, Bryce and I reading the passage together. 

My biggest area to work on is keeping track of Brian.  He loves math and so he does it every day.  In fact, he took his first test today in Algebra and got an A.  However, he is already trying to not do all of his work when it comes to answering chapter questions for science and history.  That means, I have to really make a point of checking ALL of his subjects every day and grade all of us his work. 

Bonnie is loving school.  She just got a part in the fall play and has permission to try out for All State Choir, as well as sign up for driver's ed.  She is going to be really busy.  I checked all of her classes and as of right now she has As in everything.  I am glad she is enjoying her high school experience.  Of course it is only the second week so time will tell.

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