Saturday, September 29, 2012

Marathon, Canning, and Life

After struggling with a cold all week I was really looking forward to sleeping in this morning, that is, until my husband reminded me that I was to drop him off 10 miles up the Icicle Road so he could train for his marathon.  Fortunately for him, my stuffy nose woke me up before he did.  So at 6 AM I, bleary eyed and stuffy nosed, drove him up to the middle of a mountain road and dropped him off so that he could run home. Todd signed up to run the Oktoberfest Marathon last December.  He has been planning and training for this run since the snow melted. There have been a few set-backs such as, throwing out his back and ending up on the floor for six weeks, then he found out that marathon was scheduled on a day that he was to be out of town, and finally the forest fires have left a layer of smoke that makes it difficult to breathe (which is vital for running).  Despite all of that, Todd has stuck with the game plan and plans to run next Saturday.  Whether he will make the whole marathon or just complete the half, time will tell.  Today he ran over 14 miles.  Not bad!

Once I dropped him off, I went back to bed and chilled in front of the TV for another hour, showered, and started my day.  Today's agenda is to can tomatoes, wash clothes, general clean up, and head down to the Autumn Leaf Parade.  My niece, Ashley, is in the parade today.  She won the honor of Leavenworth's Distinguished Young Woman  last spring.  Since then she went on to compete on the state level, won a college scholarship, and now visits other communities representing Leavenworth. Pretty cool!  I will probably head back out to the garden and pick another box load of tomatoes that are starting to turn.  By next weekend I will be able to can them as well.

Todd finished his run in a little over three hours.  Once he got cleaned up he took Bryce to the lumber yard to get some wood so that Bryce can make a wood project out of his Cub Scouts book.  Bryce is loving Cub Scouts.  Next week we head in to town to get his uniform and then he is all set. He is working on about four badges right now.  We have found out that alot of activities he does qualifies him for other awards like, golfing, BB gun shooting, etc. 

Life seems very busy right now between Monday night Bible study, Tuesday afternoon drum lessons, Wednesday Awana, Thursday Cub Scouts and piano lessons, play practice every day, drama club, canning, general up keep,....well, you get the picture.  I am about ready for winter to come and slow things down.

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