Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Garden

Before my garden goes to "sleep" for another winter, I thought I should take some pictures.  I don't have a garden at my house because, frankly, I don't have a yard.  Ok...I do have a four foot by six foot patch of grass but that is about it.  Nothing you can make into a legitimate garden.  My friend Pat, however, has a rather large garden and for the past two summers has allowed me to share it with her.  I love Pat's side of the garden because she mixes flowers in with her vegetables.  Many of her flowers have dropped their seeds over the years so in the most unlikely places beautiful, colorful flowers spring up making everything pretty.  I was inspired by Pat to plant sunflowers at the ends of each of my rows.  They are literally giants and have started blooming this week.
 This is my side of the garden.  See how TALL my sunflowers are.  They are about nine feet tall!
 My green beans are about done, but I did get a half of a grocery bag full of beans this morning which would be about 3 quart jars worth.  I might fire up the pressure cooker for that.

 Behind my sunflowers are the tomatoes.  I am getting a few of them, not enough to pull out all of the canning supplies.  I was told to strip off all the leaves to help the tomatoes ripen faster.  I am trying but I don't have high hopes for my tomatoes this year.
 Isn't this a beautiful sunflower?  Most of Pat's sunflowers are volunteers.  They make the garden a beautiful place to work in.

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