Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ugh...I feel sick to my stomach and it is not because of all of the smoke in the air.  It is our Awana club night and everything was going fine until the end.  Our youth were playing a game called one ball dodge ball.  The grandmother of one of our middle schoolers saw the kids playing the game last week and voiced concerns over the "dangerous" nature of the game.  I assured her that this is a favorite of kids and that kids in youth play at a different level.  However, knowing her concerns I talked to the game director to night when I saw that they were playing the game again. Well, wouldn't you know her grandson got hit in the face, by my daughter no less, and now she  is mad.  What makes it worse is that I feel like she is mad at me.   Probably because i was not very sympathetic to her concerns.  Yes, kids can get hurt playing dodge ball, but ...well, kids can get hurt riding a bike, or doing just about anything.  Her grandson was playing just as rough as anyone else out there.  In fact, he threw the ball at my son and hit him in the face.  My son did not come upstairs crying.  Ugh. I feel sick.  I need to call her tomorrow and make peace but right now I am just sick of people's attitudes.


  1. Oh, Kellie, I'm sorry that happened. What's the saying? No good deed goes unpunished? lol Here you work so hard to put on an Awana program for the community, and you're left feeling upset the first night. God is using your church and your family, though, so don't be discouraged! You're loved!

  2. Thanks Sue. The grandmother called up today and apologized for overreacting. She still thinks it's dangerous because there are no limits on how you throw the ball or where you aim it. Sometimes I just feel like whatever comment she has for me is harsh and she is one of our workers as well so I try to filter through her emotions and decide if her concerns are something I need to address or if I should just let her vent and forget about it. We have about 15 youth for our youth group and we are working hard at making it an evening where the teens want to come and participate and feel challenged spiritually. There is a lot going on right now and I think that just set me off because I was already emotionally frazzled.

  3. Hang in there. I feel sorry for the kid who will be in shock when he no longer have grandmother to 'protect' them from all the dangers of life. Probably will end up on Oprah.