Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Church School

According to my boys, they are no longer home schooled but church schooled.  That is because they do most of their work at church.  Today was our first full day of school there.  The big change to our morning routine is that Bryce started his on-line school
His on line school includes Bible, Language, Reading, Spelling and Penmanship.  We had a couple of glitches with the technical stuff, but once we figured it all out, Bryce did well.  In fact, he really likes it.  I also feel good about our choice to use this on line academy.  It allows me to do my work at church and yet know that Bryce is getting all the info he needs to complete his school work.  At home we will work on his science and history.  Today Bryce didn't get to his math so we will have to do that after lunch as well, but hopefully he will get his math done at church in the future.

Brian is on his own at church. He has set up shop in the church nursery because he likes the rocking chair. lol

Brian likes to dig in and get his work done.  I caught him working on his Algebra 1 figuring out circumference and perimeters today. Afterwards he will read his American History and answer the chapter questions, then on to science, language, and spelling.  You can tell that he is really thrilled that I interrupted his work. 

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