Monday, September 24, 2012

Bryce has joined the Cub Scouts and he is so excited to start working on his badges.  He has been taking his Webelos Scout Book everywhere and finding various activities to work on.  Many of the badges focus on science activities, fitness, citizenship, etc.  While looking through it myself I saw that one section is on forestry.  Since he is studying trees in science, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and combine his forestry badge activities with his science book.  Today for science he drew a picture of the forest labeling all the different layers of the forest.  We then went up to the top of ski hill where Bryce took pictures of the various trees and plants in our forest.  Our goal was for him to identify 6 different  trees and 6 different plants in our forest habitat. 

 In the Canopy Layer we found
Pine Trees
Ponderosa Pines

In the Under Story Layer we found lots of ....
 Maple Trees

Blue Spruce

 Birch Trees

Under the trees is the...
Bush Layer

Below the bush layer is the Herb Layer and finally...
 Forest floor

 While hiking around the woods, we decided to also work on Bryce's Athletic badge.  For this badge he has to do a series of exercises, every day for a month.
 He did sit ups....

step ups....


and attempted to do chin ups
 and walked a mile.  

He is so excited to be a Cub Scout.  His first official club meeting is this Thursday.  Brian went to his first Boy Scout meeting tonight.  He was hesitant to attend but came home excited and is eager to go back next week.  Everything I am reading about the Boys Scouts makes me so excited for my boys to be a part of this program.   

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