Saturday, September 1, 2012

First, our day today started off early and sad.  Our dear friend, "father,"  loved one and mentor  passed on to his heavenly home.  Bryce Townley was the director of Alpine Boys Ranch when Todd was sent there as a thirteen year old.  From that time on, Bryce was instrumental in Todd's life.  Bryce's son, Chris, became Todd's best friend.  Bryce even traveled all the way to Tennessee to marry Todd and I nineteen years ago.  He has continued to be involved in our lives over the years.  After moving back two years ago it was great to reconnect with Bryce and his wife.  You can imagine how heart breaking it was to hear that Bryce had a tumor and that there was no hope of healing.  Yet, what a blessing it was to be with the various family members over the summer as they all gathered to step in and help with the care of Bryce as his health failed.  We will miss him very much and treasure all of our memories of Bryce Townley.

Despite our sadness, life goes on.  Bryce is no longer suffering and in heaven with our Lord. 

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