Friday, September 7, 2012

I don't know about you, but I don't feel like I have been able to take a break for the past couple of weeks.  With canning, church activities, and entertaining, life has been busy.  I find that from 6 am until about 10 pm I am on my feet  and usually in the kitchen.  That probably explains why at nine o'clock in the evening my back is screaming and my temper is short as I find myself once again in a messy kitchen finishing up some food project. 

Last night, I was putting together several desserts for the men's retreat that Todd has scheduled for our church men up at Natapoc Lodging in Plain.  I have been pestering Todd for a couple of days to see what he wants to snack on.  Finally he told me that he has been wanting a pecan pie for a while.  sigh....

 Fortunately, I had a couple of pie shells in the freezer.  I hate buying pecans after having a pecan tree in our yard in North Carolina, but I splurged and made my husband a pie.  While that was baking I put together a pan of carmelitas which is a chocolate/carmel cookie bar - again, one of Todd's favorites.

 One pie wasn't going to be enough for 12 men so I put together an apple pie as well, that way everyone will get at least one slice of pie. 
It was ten o'clock when the last timer went off.  Of course, I spent the time watching Julie and Julia.  You can't help but get inspired to be in the kitchen after watching that.  I wish I could say that I was done, but I still had to put together a big pot of stew for the men to eat on Saturday, but I was able to put it off until this morning.  By six a.m I was searing beef and chopping veggies. 

I think all of my obligations have finally been met.  For the next forty-five minutes I can have some peace.  Bonnie is still at school.  The boys are off at the Chelan County Fair with the neighbors, and Todd is heading off to church before going to the retreat.

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