Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Property

After a long day of canning and making pies, Todd took the family over to the Chumstick property.  The boys brought along their BB guns and I grabbed the camera to take some pictures.  The Chumstick property is the childhood home of my mother-in-law.  Since her mother passed away two years ago the property has been vacant.  The story goes that back in the 40s my mother in law's father purchased a tavern in the next town over.  He then dismantled the tavern and carted the material over to their Chumstick property.  My mother in law and her siblings were given the job of pounding out all of the nails and then straighten them.  Her father then took all the materials from that tavern and built their house.  Having lived through the depression, nothing went to waste. 
 My mother in law never had indoor plumbing while growing up here.  Her parents did not get an indoor toilet until the late 80s/ early 90s.  Her mother even cooked on a wood burning cook stove until the late 80s when she got an electric range.
 The chicken coop.

 There are several fruit trees on the property.  We found a couple of apple trees and plum trees.  There are also two English walnut trees.

There are some really cool old odds and ends scattered around.  It was fun to walk around, explore and dream. 

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