Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Friday Again

Yeah for Fridays!

A gal from our church has started coming to the gym in the mornings. She is in Suzy's Boot Camp and new to the whole workout routine.  I shared with her that none of us want to get out of bed and come to the gym each morning but always glad we did.  I thought of that this morning as I lay in bed listening to my alarm go off at the ungodly time of 4:35am.  Not wanting to be a hypocrite I got up and went in the gym.  She wasn't there.  Darn, I could have slept in.

So far, I have lost thirteen pounds.  My pants and shirt sleeves are loose and I am starting to feel really encouraged.  Just thirty seven more pounds to go. sigh...

We had co-op today with our friends.  We are making four dioramas of the Four Alls.  The Four Alls represent the four levels of people groups during the Middle Ages.  Today we worked on a diorama depicting a peasant scene.  The kids got into it with clay people, dry grass for hay stacks, cardboard wagons and hovels.  I am glad we did it with them.

Tonight all the kids go to the Imes for the weekend.  Todd and I are attending the Awana Conference in Spokane tomorrow with a few other leaders from our church.  It is a four hour trip to Spokane so we have to leave at 4am and won't get home until 8pm.  It will be a long but informative day of learning and encouragement.  I was kind of hoping Cheryl could take the kids right after co-op, then Todd and I could have gone off on a date maybe even seen the new movie Courageous.  But she can't pick them up til 8pm.Oh well.

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder.  I started a fire today in the wood stove to knock the chill out of the house.  It warmed up to the mid-80s this afternoon, making it a beautiful day.

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