Monday, September 12, 2011

Awana, Auditions, and Other News

 Awana starts this week. This year, Todd and I are in charge.  Well, actually, I am in charge; Todd is just the mouth-piece.  Let's face it.  I have been involved in Awana for 16 years as either a clubber, leader, director, and secretary.  I have gone through trainings, trained other leaders, and attended a few conferences.  Todd has done none of that but has helped out a time or two.  However, since he is the pastor, he has been made the commander so I tell him what to do and plan everything. 

Yesteray we dedicated the leaders at church then had a cookout and final run-through with all of the leaders.  I thought it was very successful.  We went through each Awana station - game time, council time, and handbook time.  Talked about how everyone rotates and settled everyone's questions.  I am nervous and excited for this Wednesday.

After our Awana meeting, Bonnie auditioned for the Leavenworth Winter Theatre (officially it is called the Leavenworth Summer Theatre but they put on a play in the winter for Christmas tourist.)  This year's play is It's a Wonderful Life.  Bonnie auditioned for the role of the young Violet.  I was proud of her desire to audition.  The very act of auditioning takes guts.  She had to sing again for the director and then read the script.  I don't think she made the cut.  She should have received a call back by now.  I am not surprised as she was at the top of the age limit.  The role called for a girl who is 9 to 14 years old.  Not only that , but the girl they choose has to coordinate in height, hair color, etc with the other characters and the adult Violet.

Regardless of whether she gets the part or not, I am proud of her desire and courage to try out.

In other news, we are trying something new at school.  (It seems like we are trying alot of new things this year,  Hopefully, we will settle on a new course and stay with it.)  Todd and I agreed that we need to train the children to work as independently as possible in the mornings.  The reason is that the day may be coming where I have to work on church projects that will take up my time.  For example, I am currently working on updating the church website but have struggled with finding the time.  Our instructions to the children is that they are to map out their studies and work independently from 8 to 11am while I work on the computer doing church projects.  After lunch we will do group studies and any work that requires moms help. 

The kids did well today.  Everyone worked on their math, language, and reading while I hammered away on the computer setting up pages for our website.  I am hoping this is our new trend and will open up new possibilities for me.   

Finally, last Thursday Bonnie and I attending an information meeting on College Plus.  I am very excited about this opportunity for Bonnie to begin working on earning her college degree.  She would not enroll in the program until she is sixteen, but next year she could sign up for College Prep.  One of the things that impressed me the most with the program was the young man who directed the meeting.  This young twenty-two year old man impressed me by his presence, his manner of speech, his preparedness,...I could go on.  Another family was at the meeting who have two sons currently in the program.  They stated that their sons are learning more than ever before and their oldest will have his college degree by next year at the age of 18.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that our children can enter their field of interest earlier than their peers.  Look into your history books.  The men and women who made the greatest impact on our country did so at a younger age than today's youths.  We have taught/programmed/conditioned/brainwashed our youths into thinking that their teenage years are the time to play/have fun/sow their wild oats before settling down.  Wrong!  This is the time to be training them to be the thinkers of tomorrow, the entrepreneurs, the leaders of our homes, churches, town, and governments.  Ok...I am jumping off my soap box.  Time to fix lunch and get ready for group studies.

Happy Homeschooling!

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