Thursday, September 8, 2011

This is a Test

Test Day...not a paper test or a test of how well have you listened, but a test in self-discipline. 

Today, the ladies of the church met together to do odd jobs around the church.  I have participated in these work days in the past, but I was really hoping to skip this one.  We haven't had a full week of school yet, and I really want to establish a solid routine in our day.  However, my husband strongly suggested I be there, so off we went.  The test was to see how well the kids would discipline themselves in doing their school work while mom was busy elsewhere.  I instructed them to bring more than what they could do and even encouraged doing tomorrow's work as well so that they stayed busy the whole time.

Bonnie did the best of the bunch which is what I would have expected, she being the oldest and a girl.  She completed her math, language, science, and history.  In fact, I gave her our read aloud and marked the chapters I was going to be reading today.  She read those chapters and more, then shared with me what they were about.  That is what I love to hear.

The boys are boys, and still strive to do the minimum.  Brian completed his math, language, and his reading for the day, while Bryce completed his math and language.  I gave Bryce one assignment that was a challenge for him. I asked him to pick out one page in his Middle Ages book that interested him and to do his best reading that one page.  With Brian's help, he managed through it.  Yeah!

The one part of today that frustrates me, though, is that when we got home I was done.  I struggle with getting back on board.  Since everyone completed their core material, and we are on track with our history work, I didn't mind calling it good for the day..

It looks like tomorrow will be another off-the-schedule day.  The Chelan County Fair starts tomorrow.  Kids are free during the day, so we might just head over there for the day with another homeschool family.  Can you say "Field Trip!"

I will keep you posted.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, the Shoreline, WA school district (where we used to live before we moved) doesn't even start until the 12th. So, see? You're early! =)