Monday, October 3, 2011

Celebrating Another Birthday

Goodbye to single digits!

Bryce is 10 years old today!

It is so fun to surprise him.  He showed me the other day what he wanted for his birthday at the store, but I didn't purchase it then.  The next day Todd was in town and I asked him to pick it up for Bryce and hid it.  All week Bryce has been trying to figure out when we can get to town to purchase his gift.  All week I have been giving him excuses as to why we can't go.  Imagine his surprise when he saw his gift at the table this morning.

School is getting off to a late start as Bryce builds his Lego Mine Sweeper.

If you are wondering why there aren't any pictures or haven't been any pictures for awhile; well, it is because my battery pack is dead.  Tell me, what is the use of buying rechargeable batteries when they won't recharge?  I have ordered some new battery packs, but they have not arrived yet.  When they get here I will have to take LOTS of pictures.


  1. Happy Birthday, Bryce!

    Hope you guys had a fun time in Seattle today!

  2. We made it safely through Seattle with lunch at Ivars on the waterfront and a drive by of the space needle. The GPS kept loosing the signal with all the buildings which made navigating frustrating but we made it through safely. I don't think we will do much driving around on the return trip.