Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yesterday was Brian's  birthday.  He is now 12 years old.  Just one more year and we will have two teenagers in the house.  Wow!  Talk about panic attack!   Am I ready to equip these two young people? Am I doing everything possible to prepare them for higher education, jobs, careers, families???? did I get off on that tangent?  Oh yeah,  it was Brian's birthday.  Tuesday when he was sick, Brian informed me that he did not want to have a cake.  I figured by Wednesday he would be feeling better and his sweet tooth would be operating again.  Sure enough, Wednesday morning Brian informed me that he wanted doughnuts to celebrate his birthday.  With fifteen minutes before breakfast was to be served, we hopped in the car and ran up to Safeway to grab a dozen.  Other than the doughnuts there was nothing else planned for his birthday.  We ordered Brian's birthday present off e-bay but it still hasn't arrived.  Brian had one thing on his list - Lego's Titanium Command Rig. The problem is that no one carries it anymore, not even the Lego store.  We found a gal in North Carolina who had a new one and bought it from her but it may not show up til next week. 

Today, everyone went to the dentist for their six month check up.  Thankfully, we had no cavities.  Although Bonnie has to have one of her sealants redone.  What a blessing to hear that their teeth are fine.

So now it is time to get ready for Friday.  The kids are to make a diorama of an Arabian marketplace and I have done nothing prep for it.  I'll just figure it out in the morning.

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