Friday, September 16, 2011

Thoughts By the Fire

It seems so surreal, but I am sitting outside by the campfire vegging in the darkness with the netbook.  Our school week is over.  There are many things I need to work on over the weekend to make our next school week better.  I really need to sit down and write down all the pages of history to read.  We are reading from about four different books and I need to coordinate them all.  One of the books centers on the history of the British Islands, Our Island Story, another centers on the history of Christianity and the church, Church History in Plain Language,  then there is the  book on key men during this time, Famous Men of the Middle Ages, and finally an overall look at the key events, Story of the World.  They all talk about the same men and same events just from different vantage points.  Yes,...I really need to coordinate it all better.

Today was test day.  All three children had test in either math, language, or both.  Bryce took his first test in math.  I have never tested him before but have used his chapter reviews to assess how he is doing.  He got an A.  Brian scored Bs. In math he made two careless mistakes, that he shouldn't have made.  He definitely knows what he is doing.  Bonnie scored much better than I expected in Language.  Language is her most challenging subject.  We are a math and science family. 

After lunch, we had our first co-op with another home school family from our church.  We made a salt map of Medieval Europe.  A salt map is a map that has been drawn out on cardboard.  You then fill in the landmasses with homemade play doh.  Carve in the rivers and lakes.  Build up the mountain ranges.  Finally, let it dry.  Once dry, paint and label the map.  It is a great way to do geography.  While you are at it you can discuss geographic terms like isthmus, straits, peninsulas, etc.  Next week we will make a diorama of an Arabian market place.  The kids drew out the map from looking at a printed map and as we filled in each area we talked about what country it was, the people, and events that took place their.  Our friends who joined us are not studying the same time frame as we are, but they thought it would be fun to get together and do projects with us.  I would like to eventually get something bigger going and invite more families to join us.  This is a good start, though.

Nothing special on tap for this weekend.  Now that I think about it, tomorrow is the flea market in Cashmere. Hmmm...I really want to check that out.  I will have to drag the boys with me since Todd will be speaking at a men's prayer breakfast.  It's the Crush Festival in town so nothing to entice us to stay here.  The Crush Festival is a wine festival. You know, it is time for the grape harvest and for you to jump barefoot into the wine press and crush the grapes. is really a day of wine tasting.  For thirty dollars you get a glass and can sample wines from about twenty different distilleries.  Now that I think about it, it might be quite amusing to sit downtown and watch all the wine tasters meander around.  I bet by dinner time they might have made their way through all the booths and could put on quite a show.  lol fire is down to embers.  Time to close up shop and head in to snuggle with my honey. 

Goodnight All!

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