Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Strike Three

Todd's turn to have the flu.  Ugh!  I am locking Bonnie and Bryce in a sterile room for the next week. This flu zaps all your strength and talk about monster headaches, even my eyeballs hurt with this one.  Todd is complaining of the same effects.   Today he is going back to school, but I know he would love another day home to rest. After taking care of me on Friday and then being out sick yesterday, he needs to get back to work.

Shortly, after typing this entry, Bryce began to complain about his stomach.  I sent him back to bed although I am not convinced he is sick.  He is moving around pretty good this afternoon; nevertheless, he has been sentenced to bed rest.  (Note - Brian was just going over in language the use of semi-colons and how they are used.  As I was typing this last sentence the semicolon rules were running through my head.  At least I know THAT sentence is punctuated properly.)

Other stuff -

Today was not a great day.  I really wanted a do over, if you know what I mean.  With sickness in the house, we feel a little off balanced.  We started off fine, then Bryce announced his stomach was upset and was sent a way.  When it was time for Bonnie and Brian to start their work, I ran into some opposition with Brian.  He just didn't want to do anything that required work. - Wake up to reality boy. - I had just got in the mail the movie Camelot for us to watch.  Not the Richard Burton one but the Broadway production with Richard Harris.  We had just read about King Arthur and I thought it would be fun to see.  The kids were asking to watch it and I decided why not.  The morning was spent watching the movie and everyone enjoyed it.  After lunch, however, it was serious, get-down-to-work time.  Brian finally got through working with ratios and proportions.  Bonnie made a hundred percent on her Algebra test.  Science today was an experiment which failed miserably.  We blame it on faulty equipment.  (Our thermometer would not go down in temperature when it cooled.) The real crux of our science lesson was learning how to complete a lab report.  Apologia sets a high standard when it comes to lab reports.  Bonnie immediately  embraced the challenge while Brian about had a heart attack.  The boy was just not having a good day and it won't get any better until he realizes that school takes work.  We did manage to get through punctuation rules without too much fuss.

The school day is done. Thank Goodness!  The battle isn't over, though.  Once I can get Brian to face the challenges before him and accept them then we can shout VICTORY!

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