Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ok... so get this.  I lasted posted how I was struggling with how God was going to provide for us this summer with a no renter, a house that needs to be sold, and two broken vehicles.  Well, within minutes of telling my mom that I need a job this summer, a friend stopped by to pick up her grandson and asked if I would be his childcare provider and she would pay me.  Less than twelve hours later my neighbor walked by and asked if I would watch her daughter as well with pay.  Few hours after that, some friends that I have helped move earlier this week asked if they could pay me to clean their house.

Now all of this won't take care of everything but for me it is reassurance that God is going to provide for our needs.  There is a lot of hard work ahead with extra kids around and a house to clean and get ready for renters but I am willing to put in the work to help out our family. 

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