Thursday, July 10, 2014

Work Time Drama

Bonnie is pretty busy this summer.  Driver's Ed in the mornings, then life guarding at the Leavenworth City Pool, the Cashmere City Pool and at Camas Meadows Bible Camp.  Teaching her how to organize her schedule and keep track of it all has been the life lesson for this summer.  She had a few bumps in the road with the Leavenworth schedule since the manager doesn't post the schedule until the day before you work and only puts it on a piece of paper for everyone to see.  (The Cashmere manager puts his schedule on a word doc.  and emails it to everyone a few days ahead of time which I LOVE!!!)   At the beginning of the summer Bonnie made it known to the managers that she was unavailable to work on Wednesdays since she is volunteering at Camas Meadows Bible Camp, but one failed to make note of that and scheduled Bonnie to work resulting in Bonnie getting reprimanded for not showing up to work.  Then another week Bonnie didn't read the schedule properly so she missed another rotation.  Now she is diligent about reading the schedule thoroughly several times through, in fact, this week she took a picture of the schedule so that she could have it with her.  Wouldn't you know,  she got a call yesterday telling her she needed to report to work.  However, Bonnie wasn't at home because it was her Wednesday to work at camp.  Bonnie did submit all the paper work required for time off which stated that she was unavailable for Wednesdays, but we are noticing that the managers are not paying any attention to those papers.  Anyway, Bonnie began to freak out that this might get her fired from the pool.  She put out a call to the pool manager last night and as always, was sent to voice mail.  As of yet, she has not heard back from the manager. wasn't the manager who called looking for her but another staff member.  Bonnie was told over the phone that she missed a Tuesday shift and Wednesday shift,  which is not true.  I saw the picture of the schedule and Bonnie was not on any shift except for the one she worked. 

All of that to say, there was quite a bit of drama last night.  I spent quite a bit of time coaching Bonnie on how to approach her not to "throw any one under the 'bus'," to be respectful and Christ honoring in this situation.  Believe me, I want to get involved, but feel that if Bonnie wants to take on an "adult" job she has to handle these situations on her own.  I will be on the sidelines coaching, but I won't be helicoptering.  

So, Bonnie has the day off today...she was scheduled to work in Cashmere, but they had to close the pool today for maintenance reasons, i.e. someone pooped in the pool.  This will give her the opportunity to go to the Leavenworth pool and try to figure out what happened. 

I don't like all of this drama, but I guess this is how we learn best.

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