Thursday, July 17, 2014

More fire photos

It is hard to capture the awesomeness of the sky as the fire was raging through the canyons last night.  I could not get enough of the eerie beauty of it all.  Looking north towards Plain the sky was orange/brown/black as the fire roared through the heavy timber. From the south the sky was crystal clear and bright blue.  It was amazing.  Ash was raining down us and still is this morning. 
The setting sun filtered through the smoke. 
On top of Ski Hill.  The wind was carrying the smoke towards Peshastin. 
Standing on our street (Burke) looking up Ski Hill. 
Downtown Leavenworth.  Smoke plume rising over the east side of Tumwater Mountain as the fire was moving towards Spromberg Canyon, River Road and Ponderosa Estates in Plain.  The First Baptist Church has been made into a Red Cross center. 
The sun this morning. 

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