Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rants, Raves, and Whatever Else

Let's just get the rant out of the way....as in a few minutes I will need to leave work to rush my daughter off to work.  I am so frustrated with my daughter's manager!  There... that's it!  Why?  You may ask.  For never once looking at her availability form.  You see, the pool has this nice form that you are to fill out letting the managers know your availability so they know who to schedule to work and who not to.  Time and time again Bonnie has been scheduled to work on days she is not available.  This morning being one of them.  She was originally scheduled to work from 8am to noon today when she is NOT available because she is Driver's Ed classes.  She gets out of class at 10am but left the 10 to 12 slot open for driving practice with the instructor.  Last Saturday she was scheduled to work the whole day when she had written on the form she was not available because she was to be in Olympia for their parade. 

At first, Bonnie figured that she would just get a sub and everything would be okay.  She has learned that getting a sub is not that easy.  Finally, on Friday of last week she had to confront her manager on whether or not he had looked at the availability sheet and found out he has NEVER looked at it!!!!! NEVER!!!! 


So here we are today.  She informed her manager that she could not make it in at 8am but would be in as soon as her class was over.  That means, she is gonna try to get out of class early, I have to leave work, and we have to rush there all because someone is not doing there job. 

Rant over....

Raves....I am making money$$$$ ...I don't know if that is a rave or not, but so far I have been able to sell items for my brother-in-law's Sports Liquidation store on Ebay.  It is not a whole lot of money yet, but I am working out all of the kinks and supposedly this winter I should be doing a lot of business selling skis, boots, snowboards, etc.  It is fun to hear the cha-ching alarm go off on my ipad informing me I just made money.  lol....I might even start putting my own stuff out there like all of my leftover homeschool supplies.

Whatever else...Not much else.  The fires here in Washington have been big news.  Unfortunately, the news broadcasters keep leading people to believe that Leavenworth is on fire and closed to travelers.  NOT true!  Our house guest told us that her hometown newspaper in Olympia stated that Leavenworth was on fire.  We are not!  Yes, there is a fire in the Tumwater Canyon  and Yes, a section of Hwy 2 is closed but you can get in and out of town and the fire is not threatening to us.  We don't even have smoke and ash anymore.  So feel free to visit.  In fact, it is raining today. A nice gentle rain.  The fires in our area should be out soon.

Times up...gotta go get the girl....

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