Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This Mini-Vacation is Getting Busy

Well...I never made it to the river yesterday.  Bonnie got called in to work at the Cashmere pool so it was a mad rush from Drivers Ed to Cashmere.  She had to eat in the car, but she made it.  A friend in Cashmere wanted me to pick her apricots so since I was already there I went over to her house and picked them.  Or I should say, her husband picked them, because her apricot tree was very tall.  The ladders wouldn't reach all the limbs.  In fact, you literally had to climb up into the tree to get them.  Most of the apricots weren't ready, but I still came home with two grocery sacks full.  My cherries finished drying this morning so I will spend today slicing up the apricots and throwing them in the dehydrator.  All of the dried fruit goes into my granola, at least all of it that we don't eat. 

After I got home from picking the apricots, I realized I could make it to the water aerobics class at the pool, so I ended up over there.  Boy, the water was warm.  It felt nice, but with temps in the upper 90s I would have liked cooler water.  This whole week we are expecting temps in the 100s.  Time to get those tubes blown up, I feel a float in my future.  Water aerobics, back to Cashmere to pick up Bonnie, home to eat, off to the property to get the sprinklers running, then back home to move furniture and steam clean carpets.  By 10 pm, I was wrapping things up in the living room, cleaning bathrooms (all my chore people are gone, time I clean up things) and calling it a night. 

Today's agenda is apricots, clean kitchen, laundry, and find some rest time. I will probably spend my evening in the garden.  The weeds are taking over again.  So much for a relaxing vacation.... but you know what, the best part of my week is that most of the time I am operating on my own schedule, not someone elses so it is somewhat of a break.
Brian and his Exite team being silly.

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