Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Today's News

Bryce is off at summer camp so it is just Bonnie and I at home...oh...and Sarah, our summer guest.  Bonnie and I got up early again today to go for a drive.  She drove me to the gas station and filled up the tank, then I had her drive down Hwy 2 west through the Tumwater Canyon.  The Tumwater follows the Wenatchee River so it is twisty and curvy at 50 to 60 mph.  She did really well.  Only once did I grab the seat I was on and prayed.  Lol....I think our next driving excursion is going to focus on parallel parking, etc.  I might have to get out the cones and use the church parking lot for that one.  Or we might just head downtown in the early morning again when the parking spots are empty and practice.  I am not a good parallel parker and rarely ever parallel park, but I know it is a skill she has to have.  She is driving again with the instructor today.  She complained that he only let the her drive at 10 mph through the city streets.  

Once we  got back home, we had an leisurely morning before she headed off to class and I headed off to church.  One of our elders has taken on the task of painting the outside of our church building.  Not an easy thing to do.  Another lady from our congregation has volunteered to help with masking and painting trim.  I joined them yesterday to help.  I got the job of climbing the scaffolding to reach the windows that are two stories up and masking them off so that we don't get paint on them.  Our elder is using a paint sprayer which is making the job go a lot smoother, but there is a lot of work just masking everything off.  Tomorrow he paints the back side of the church and then the really hard part is getting the roof peeks that we can't reach with ladder or scaffolding.  Someone, ahem... Todd, will have to harness himself to the roof and paint while standing on our hot, slick, metal roof.  Temps here have been in the mid 90s so we are all pretty hot and sweaty.  I think today I am going to spend the heat of the day tubing down the river if my daughter will go with me.  If not, I might just head to the river and soak in the ice-cold water.

Oh...one last bit of news.   I started selling sports gear on Ebay for my brother-in-law who works for a sports liquidation center.  This morning I sold my first item.  Yeah!!! I made about $20 on the transaction. Not bad....He said this winter when they start to sell skis and winter sports gear I should make quite a bit of money.  I hope so...my kids are getting older and more expensive, plus one day I would like to build a house so the extra money is definitely needed.  Plus this is a job I can do at home so it won't take me away from my family.

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