Monday, July 14, 2014

Camas Meadows Bible Camp
Junior High
Todd and Brian should be in Chicago at this very moment....I can't wait to see them.
Todd and I were able to have our first real conversation yesterday over Skype when he was waiting in the Korean airport.  I can tell that he has been deeply impacted by this mission trip.  Don't worry, Mom, he is not wanting to go over seas to be a full-time missionary.  Although he would like to go back in two years when GMI has another short-term mission trip. He, however,  has been reassured that his place is here in Leavenworth as a pastor.
Later today, Bryce and I will take off and head over the mountain to pick Todd and Brian up. 
Todd said he has over 700 pictures on his phone, so I expect I will be sharing a lot more with you over the next week.  Until then, here is a final  picture of the EXITE team with the Filipino pastors and local volunteers.


  1. I searched and searched for Bryce in that top photo before I finally found him. I totally didn't recognize him with his new, cool glasses!

  2. Lol....Bryce LOVES his glasses. First thing he bought was some croakies to make sure they stayed on tight. Love that boy.