Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kinderfest 2014

Every year we offer the kids a Hat Craft so that they can make a festive 4th of July hat to wear around town.  
Ronald McDonald always shows up to join the fun.  We never invite him, but he comes anyways.
Face Painting is the MOST POPULAR tent of them all.  Kids line up and wait forever to get their face painted. Those ladies never put down their brushes for four hours.
Bryce manning the Fishing Booth

This was our fourth year to participate in Kinderfest and I would have to say it was our best year yet.  A lot of that is due to the Chambers event coordinator, Lacey.  She was absolutely awesome with her attention to detail and organization.  Another contributing factor to making this the best Kinderfest was Aaron.  Aaron had homemade carnival games that he allowed us to borrow for the day.  He showed up early to set them up and came right on time to take them down. This year we also invited Young Life to help us man the booths.  As a thank you, our church and the Nazarene church who receive a financial gift from the chamber for organizing this agreed to share the money with Young Life to help send their kids to camp. 
All in all it was a great day, tiring, exhausting, but GREAT day!  I wish I had one of those fitness trackers.  I would be curious to see what my calorie burn was.  I was going up and down the street all day checking on our volunteers making sure they had water and food.  Then there were the emergency runs to the stores to pick up supplies because we couldn't find our star stickers - which meant a walk to the pharmacy to buy all of theirs, then a search for more balloons since we went through all 250 balloons in the first two hours - for that one I had to power walk down to the grocery store, buy all that they had (144) and power walk back to start blowing them all up.  I then had to walk down to the candy store to pick up more taffy when we ran out.  With all of that exercise I don't feel too bad about  having a McDonald's Quarter Pounder for dinner because I was too tuckered to fix anything at home.  sigh...
With Kinderfest over, I feel like I can start to enjoy my summer.  Next week Bryce goes off to camp, Bonnie will be starting her second week of Driver's Ed and working at the pool so I anticipate a week to do all the projects I want to do with no time restraints. own mini vacation!

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