Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Impact....

We got home somewhere between 1:30 and 2am this morning from the airport.  Todd talked the whole way home and after we got home til about three in the morning.  I was surprised when I got up this morning to find Brian downstairs watching cartoons.  He had already fixed himself breakfast and was "eager" for the day.  He wanted to know if and when he could head off to camp at Camas Meadows.  He wasn't too happy when I said that I didn't think it was wise for him to go today or even tomorrow.  A half hour later he was sound asleep in the chair.  sigh.....

I left both Todd and Brian sleeping and came into the church office.  There really isn't anything to do here.  The bulletin is up to speed for next Sunday and church bills are paid, so I am catching up on facebook and blogging. I will probably head downstairs and begin setting up for a memorial service that is scheduled for Friday. 

As Todd and Brian process the events of these past few weeks, I am praying for Spiritual guidance for Todd as he has many things he wants to implement in our church and improve on in his pastorate. I am also praying for my teenage son to let the Holy Spirit work in his life.  To submit to God's authority and let Him be in charge.  Right now, he is still fighting for control.  I guess that is typical of a 14/15 year old young man, but I am eager to see the day when he totally surrounds to his God and Savior.

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