Friday, July 11, 2014


Bryce is at Bible camp this week, one of his favorite places.  This year, however, he is at junior high camp which is quite a different experience than junior camp (grades 4-6). Campers are experiencing puberty and the pecking order is in effect. 

Bonnie drove me up to camp last night for family night where we got to see Bryce, eat an awesome BBQ put on by their wonderful cook "Sweet Tea," and be entertained by all the cabins who put together skits that either summarized their week of camp or shared spiritual truths that they had learned from the week.

This week's speaker, "Zucchini", focused on technology and how it shapes our physical and spiritual lives.  Based on the campers skits I think the topic was very relevant to our kids today and really challenging as well. 

 In the meadow....
Mail Call

Bryce and his cabin doing their skit. 
Their leader, "Howitzer" was pretending to be the camp activities leader, "Sparks".  Their skit focused on the activities of the week.  It was funny, but I have a feeling that this was a tough, rambunctious, trouble-making group, at least that is what their skit implied.  Bryce seemed a bit disappointed in his cabin.  I am glad that in two weeks he will be going to camp again, but this time he will be going to the North West Grace Youth Camp in Auburn which is made up of all the youth from our sister churches in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. 

Bonnie and I arrived at the camp a little early so we decided to hike up to Inspiration Point to see if we could see the fire in Chelan/Entiat.  You can see the fire cloud in the distance.  The smoke is drifting its way over to Cashmere and Wenatchee.  We have only experienced a little bit of haze and smoke here in Leavenworth.

It is beautiful up at Camas.  I know Bonnie would love to spend her summers up there, but since they can't afford to pay their staff it is just not doable.  Bonnie is volunteering as a life guard at Camas on Wednesdays when they take their campers to Lake Chelan. That allows her to have some interaction with the camp.  Of course, with all of the fires in the Lake Chelan area I wonder how long they will be able to head over there.  Hwy 97a has been closed down and a new fire in Chelan popped up yesterday.  Not good.

BTW....all that pool drama I talked about yesterday.  Bonnie went over to the pool yesterday before heading up to camp.  Her name was not on the schedule so I don't know what was going on yesterday.  I don't think the manager has called at all to clarify with Bonnie, but Bonnie has done nothing wrong so I don't know what all that gossip was about her missing rotations, etc., There was no truth in it. 

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