Sunday, July 28, 2013

ReCap of the Week

Searching for treasure along the Wenatchee River.

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 Each evening I head out to my garden.  There is no room at our house so a friend who lives up one of the many canyons shares her garden with me.  Believe it or not, it is very dry over here.  We have to water every morning and every evening.  I think I watered once a day and sometimes every other day in North Carolina.  The humidity and thunderstorms helped to keep the ground moist there.  However, over here we get very little rain. 
 So far I have picked about ten zucchinis, four cucumbers, and two bucketfuls of green beans.  My tomatoes are starting to turn yellow and the corn is over my head (which isn't saying much.  lol).

Thursday the family headed up to Camas Meadows Bible Camp to visit Bryce who had been at camp all week.  Our kids love going to Camas and look forward to it every summer.  They don't care if any of their friends are going.  They figure they will make new friends and love the counselors.   This year Bryce had Locksley as his counselor.  On Family night the camp has a cookout in the meadow with all of the campers, counselors, and their families.  Then we all head back up to the lodge where each cabin puts on a skit that emphasizes the Biblical lessons that they are learning during the week.  Bryce's cabin put on a skit about Daniel in the lion's den.  Bryce was Daniel.  Todd and I didn't get to stay for this skits this year.  The camp was running an hour behind schedule and we had to do some other errands that evening, but some friends stayed and took pictures for us.

We ended the week by going to a friend's yard sale.  Bonnie picked up several tea cups and brought them home to make candles out of them.  They turned out pretty cool.

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