Friday, July 12, 2013

I have yet to be on time to the church office this week.  Not that anyone is here checking up on me.  It is just engrained in me to be punctual, regardless of whether anyone is noticing.  I notice!  Part of my problem is that we have adjusted our morning routine for the summer.  In other words, we are having breakfast a half hour later than normal.  That puts me thirty minutes behind within no room to fool around after breakfast.  I am scurrying around finishing up dishes and handling disputes or tending to my final preparations to get out the door.  This morning I was doing ok.  I had a minute or two to spare when I left the house, but half a block later when I tried to take a sip of my coffee while driving, I realized I had put the wrong lid on my cup when coffee streamed all down the front of my white, crisp blouse.  Ugghh!!!  A trip around the block and I was back at home washing out my blouse and finding a new top.  Finally, I could head out the door, stop by the post office to check the church mail box...empty...then to the church office.  No messages on the phone, no one impatiently waiting for me to open the doors, no janitor wondering where I have been, and yet, I feel guilty for being ten minutes late.  Thanks mom and dad for installing in me the internal pressure to be on time no matter what.  ; )

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