Thursday, July 11, 2013


Brian is off at camp this week, so Todd decided to take the time and take Bryce out on a back pack trip in the mountains.  They decided to head back up to Lake Valhalla where Todd and Brian backpacked last summer.

The weather was perfect when they took off.  Sunny, high 80s, not a cloud in the sky. 

 However, they didn't go far until they encountered snow.  Lots of snow!
They also encountered several fallen trees.  This past winter we had a lot of trees fall down due to heavy wet snow, ice, and wind.  There were so many trees down that at times they couldn't find the trail.  If Todd hadn't hiked this trail several times they would have not known where to go.  Fortunately, Todd has a good sense of direction and a good memory when it comes to hiking in the wilderness.
They finally reached the lake and set up camp.  They spent the remainder of the day fishing and enjoying the outdoors.

Todd decided not to pack a tent especially sense the weather was so nice back home, but it was a different story at their campsite.  The snow made everything cold and by midnight it began to rain.  They moved their sleeping bags under some trees and tried to sleep through the night.
 The next morning they packed up camp and ventured back out of the mountains, climbing over the trees again, and heading back to the trail head.

Bryce did great on the trip.  He never complained but persevered through each obstacle.  Todd was really proud of him. 

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