Thursday, July 25, 2013


Bonnie and I thought we were going to be "Boy Free" this week and had planned on celebrating by spending a day in Wenatchee to visit all of the antique stores that are downtown.  However, Brian's boys scout trip was cancelled.  So even though the guys are still home we decided that we still were going to go shopping.  We didn't quite make it to Wenatchee.  There are two huge antique malls in Cashmere that we decided to hit first. Bonnie was intriqued by the jewelry and door knobs. lol  She has plans for her future house which involves using old antique door knobs on all of the doors.  ha ha....  She has some Lambertson/Wright antique blood running through her veins.  My Grandma Bonnie Wright collected antiques and so does my dad's sister, Gloria.  I know they would both love the malls we shopped through yesterday.  Bonnie tried on one dress that was made in the 50s and would have bought it if it had fit.  She likes that Audrey Hepburn style of sophisticated dress.  She also had a lot of fun trying on all of the hats.  It took us a couple of hours to go through the first mall and we didn't even make it through half-way in the second mall.  We decided that we will have to plan another girl day and go back to finish the mall. 

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