Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I am sad to say that our neighbors are moving.  Just a few doors down lives another homeschool family with two boys ages 11 and 8.  They have been a great family for our boys to hang with.  They have a YARD!!! to play in, basketball goal, bike ramps to jump, a rock climbing wall to climb on in their garage, and they are family I trust.  They aren't leaving Leavenworth but moving further out of town where they can have more space which is great. It means we can still see each other but it won't be as convenient.  Our boys are always hanging out together.  In fact, there are days when I don't even see my boys.  That is one of the things I love about living in town. The convenience of hanging out with friends.  Something we didn't have when we lived out in the country.  In fact, I am becoming quite spoiled as my kids quite easily bike to the pool, the playground or a friends house without me having to stop my day and transport them around.

I'll leave you with a picture Todd took of Bonnie the other day. 

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