Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Jobs

This summer has been a season of jobs it seems.

Bonnie is working at the pool concession stand.  It is nothing glamorous and sometimes downright boring for her.  We had hoped she would work five days a week but the manager hired four girls to work that one station, so they are each working two days a week.  sigh...not the big bucks we were hoping for.  Bonnie is putting 80 percent of her take home pay in the bank so she can pay for school books and such at the college.  If she finds the course loads manageable she will most likely apply to work in town in one of the restuarants during the school year.

The boys have been looking for work as well.  Todd gave the boys the job of cleaning out the rock pile next to our driveway.  It is a 6 foot by 6 foot square of rocks that dirt and debris have accumulated in and now all kinds of weeds are growing in it.  The boys have had to move all of the rock, sweep up and scoop out all of the dirt and debris and then put the rocks back.  Not a lot of fun but will improve the curb appeal of the house.  They have also been doing odd jobs for the neighbors as they get ready to move.  Of course, Andy pays the boys in frozen yogurt, but hey, they haven't complained.  This week the boys are taking care of another neighbor's lawn making sure it is watered every day so it doesn't dry out while they are away on vacation.  All of these little odd jobs will give the boys some spending money for the summer.  Bryce really wants to buy a game for his DS so that he can play it on the airplane when we fly to Tennessee in 27 days!

Bryce at guitar practice.

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