Monday, August 5, 2013

Paddleboarding and our Special Visitor

 We took several of our youth paddle boarding today on the Columbia River in Wenatchee.  The weather was perfect. The winds were calm, and everyone had a great time.  The current  was a little too strong for us to paddle where we wanted to.  We had hoped to go up stream to another park and finally to the where the Wenatchee River empties into the Columbia.  Instead we paddled down river to a sand bar.  From there we abandoned our boards and swam in the river.  We had a blast!

 We then headed back to the lagoon where we started and raced each other and tried our best to knock each other off their boards! 

I highly recommend paddle boarding.

Now, about our Special Visitor....
On Sunday mornings it is common for us to have visitors.  After all, we do live in a tourist town and many of these tourists seek a house of worship on Sunday mornings.  Yesterday was no different.  We had several visitors and nothing was abnormal about them.  However, as we were singing Jesus walked in.  No Joke!  Jesus walked in to our Sunday morning service.  Long brown hair, beard, and white flowing dress, just like in the pictures!  There was a lady with him.  Maybe it was Mary Magdeline.  She was also wearing a long, white, sleeveless dress.  They walked up the side aisle and sat in the front pew.  I am NOT making this up!

A few things crossed my mind when I got over the shock of seeing "Jesus."  First was, well, do you remember ever telling your kids, "How would you behave if Jesus was in the room?!"  That was my first thought.  Would how I sing, how I worship, how I listen in church change if I actually saw Jesus sitting there with me?  My second thought was, "Did Todd arrange this?  Does he have an object lesson  planned out?"  You know like that article that is circulating through facebook about the pastor who dressed like a homeless person to see how the church body would treat him?.   My final thought was of Elizabeth Smart - the young girl that was kidnapped  by a man who dressed like "Jesus" and had her doped up and living in fear.  That made me concerned for the woman that was with this man who obviously has a problem.

I honestly don't know who this man is.  Nothing happened during the service.  Todd preached like normal and didn't draw any attention to the man, although afterwards he told me he was pretty upset by this couple.  I am sure he was wondering too what their agenda was.  As we stood to sing the final song to conclude our service, "Jesus" and his friend got up and slipped out just as quietly as they had slipped in.  We will never know who these individuals were or what they are trying to do.  Only God knows.

So what would YOU DO if Jesus came to visit you?


  1. What a strange thing to happen at your church. I can see how Todd was kind of upset by it. This is neither here nor there, but we actually have a cute little kids' book called If Jesus Came to My House.

  2. Lol...that was exactly my first thought. How would I behave if that was really Jesus. His presence did impact how I worshipped yesterday morning even though I knew he was just some weird guy and not Jesus.