Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Well, we are slowly gettting back into a routine.  Whatever a routine is during the summer.  I am back in the church office minus the boys.  My mornings are a bit boring right now, so I will probably start snooping around the church to find some cupboard and closet that needs to be cleaned or organized.

Right now, we are getting ready for Kinderfest.  Kinderfest is a free children's festival that the Chamber of Commerce in Leavenworth puts on.  Our church and another church in town help plan out the carnival booths and man them.  Several other groups like the rotary club, the Icicle Arts, Salmon Fish Hatchery, etc also pitch in and run their own kid-centered activity booth. 

It is a fun festival, but a long day for all of us working.  Todd and I will be downtown by 8 am setting up tents, tables, chairs, and games so that by 11 everything can start running.  Then at 3 we close it all down and clean up so the next entertainment act can come in and finish the fourth of July celebration.  We don't do fireworks here due to the fire danger so alot of people head out of town to Lake Chelan or Wenatchee for the big finale.

Generally, I am pretty stressed about the whole thing, but, for whatever reason,  I haven't really stressed over it...yet.  Today, my task is to finalize all of our volunteers and order t-shirts for them to wear.  The Chamber has liked our church's t-shirts so much they were looking at ordering t-shirts for all of the volunteers.  However, they haven't told us whether or not they are going to follow through with that so I have been told to order t-shirts regardless of what the chamber does.  ok...now the stress is starting to build.  Time is of the essences and the pastor...ahem..my husband is not a big on thinking ahead.  He is more of a spur of the moment kind of guy.  So despite how busy my afternoon was I need to run by the local screen printer and see if she can make us shirts in time.

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