Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Camp

Brian is the first of our crew to head off for summer camp.  All three kids go to Camas Meadows Bible Camp which is situated on top of one of mountain ridges up Blewett Pass just twenty minutes from home.
Yesterday was family day at camp, so we went up to visit Brian, eat, and watch the different cabins perform skits.

Dinner was served out in the meadow.  While the hamburgers were grilling the kids and their counselors played a few games. Bonnie was at camp during staff training week so she immediately jumped right in to help the kitchen crew and play along with the campers.  During the 4th -6th graders week of camp, she will be a CIT (Counselor in Training).

Brian's counselors are Thing (orange shirt) and Ike.  Of course, those aren't their real names.  All the counselors have camp names, for example  Bonnie's name is Ohara.  The kids are forbidden to use their counselors real names unless they want to do lots of push-ups. 

I had to get this picture, when I saw Bonnie and Brian holding hands.  They really do like each other.
Nadine or Sweet Tea, the camp cook, makes the best meals.  I know this because she cooks for us at the ladies' retreats.

Shamu, the camp director's dog, is a massive beast.  He has often been mistaken as a bear.  The campers can earn extra team points if they give Shamu a bath.
After dinner, we all moved back up the lodge to see each of the cabins put on their skits.  Stephen, Legit, is one of our youths from  our church.  Stephen graduated from high school earilier this month.  He has been working at Camas Meadows for several years now.  This year he is the camp leader working in conjunction with the director. 

Brian's cabin acted out Psalm 23.  Brian and Quinn were sheep.  Below you can see Goodness and Mercy following them everywhere they go. lol

Brian's loves camp, but he looked very tired when we saw him.  I am eager for him to come home and get some rest.

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