Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Today my husband and I celebrate our 19th anniversary.  That means we have known each other for 23 years.  Wow!  That is a more than half of my life. 

We celebrated by ditching the kids and went to Wenatchee for movie and dinner.  We saw Snowwhite and the Huntsman.   I wouldn't recommend it for the kids.  It is pretty dark but it was a interesting take on the old childhood tale.  I really wanted to see Mirror Mirror,   that type of movie is more to my liking but it wasn't playing at our theater. (How do you spell theater??  I have always spelled it theatre, but spell check says it is wrong.  Did they change the spelling or am I just wrong?)   After the movie, we did some shopping.  I had told Todd earlier that I was interested in getting a Kindle, so he bought me one.  I have been playing with it all evening, but still wondering if it is something I am really going to use.  I did download the book Sense and Sensibility.    After shopping we went to the Cottage Inn for dinner.  Todd was wanting a good steak and friends recommended this restaurant.  We both decided next time we will go to Olive Garden.  I guess we are routine people and don't do well with trying out new places.  

On another note,  the boys have been sleeping in the garage lately.  Don't ask me why, they just think it is cool in there.  Bonnie heads off to camp next week for staff training.  She is going to work as a counselor in training for one week this summer.  Brian finished his school work today!!!  Yeah!! Bonnie is the only one still finishing up language and math. 

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Mike and I celebrate our 19th exactly one week after you guys!

    theater = American, theatre = British ( I think, anyway. LOL)