Monday, July 9, 2012

Where to begin?

I told my friend, Sue, that I wish I could have a device to talk into as I am driving.  I always think of things to blog about but at the end of the day when I have some time, I am too tired to put it all into words.  Not only that, but there has been so much going on that my head hurts and I can't seem to focus on what I want to say. 

Once again there is so much to report that I don't know where to begin.  I guess I will start with our latest adventure.  This summer we have been letting the kids go to the city pool by themselves.  They are all good swimmers and we know and trust the lifeguards so I feel that they are safe.   Tonight while we were having our Monday night Bible study, the boys had gone to the pool to swim.  Everyone was gathering at our house when we got a phone call from the pool.  Bryce had slipped off the diving board and hit his head on the concrete.  The life guard didn't think there was anything wrong but as a precaution had called the EMTs.  Todd and I rushed down there to find Bryce laying down on the concrete with Chance holding his head still.   The EMTs arrived shortly after us and checked him out.  He was fine.  Poor Bryce was embarrassed more than anything.  We had him come home although he was ready to get back in the pool.  I guess I just wanted to monitor him a little more.  Our Bible study group decided to call off the study for the night.  I guess they figured we needed some time to ourselves.  I am glad for the break.

Like I said there has been so much lately, and our schedule won't let up til after Vacation Bible School which is next week.  Once it is over, we are going to the ocean for a week for some rest and relaxation.

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