Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Break

This week we kicked off our first week of summer break.  Todd took the week off to recoup from a long and busy school year. 

We started off the week with Bonnie giving playing her recital pieces at church Sunday morning for offertory.
Tuesday, Todd and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary by spending the afternoon in Wenatchee.  Over the past year, we have noticed that a new bridge was being built up near the top of a ridge.  We think it will eventually connect East Wenatchee to Waterville making it a easier access to  Pangborn Airport.  Todd decided that we would drive up to the bridge to check it out.
Wednesday, Todd and the boys went to Rocky Reach Dam which is located between Wenatchee and Chelan.  It is fun place to visit to see how a dam works and to watch the fish work their way up the fish ladder.

Thursday, Todd took the boys up to Lake Wenatchee to check out some campsites.  They ended up hiking up to White River Falls and found some huge trees.

When Todd and the boys weren't exploring around, they were up at the golf course improving their game.  Todd has worked it out with the club house manager for the boys to leave their clubs at the club house.  Now when ever they want to putt around or practice at the driving range they can hop on their bikes and cycle over to the golf course and practice.  In fact, Todd had the boys bike over last night.  He than drove over to meet them and the three of them played nine holes together. I need to head over there myself to work on my game. 

Of course,  Todd and the boys were the ones having all the fun.  I am still working in the church office, while Bonnie is still finishing up her studies.  She doesn't seem to mind.  She spends the mornings at church playing the piano, reading her history book (She is still reading Me My Country My God by Dr. Thomas Anderson and Don Enevoldsen.) finishing up her language and math.

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